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If users have FileVault 2 enabled, Time Machine will automatically encrypt their backup. True or False

A.    True
B.    False

Answer: B

If a technician suspects that a required system font is missing from an installation of OS X Mountain Lion, which folder should be investigated?

A.    /System/Library/Fonts
B.    ~/Library/Fonts
C.    /Library/Fonts
D.    /System/Fonts

Answer: A

Paolo is experiencing an issue with a VoIP application on his MacBook Pro with OS X Mountain Lion installed. He can’t access Contacts from within the application, so he can’t call his friend’s mobile phone. Which would be the first troubleshooting step to perform?

A.    Delete then reinstall the VoIP application.
B.    Open the Disk Utility, choose the startup disk and repair disk permissions.
C.    Delete the application’s preferences from /Users/Paolo/Library/Preferences.
D.    Check that Paolo granted the VoIP application access to Contacts under System Preferences >
Security & Privacy > Privacy.

Answer: D

Which of the following are supported connection methods when transferring data from a PC to a Mac using Migration Assistant? SELECT TWO:

A.    Fibre Channel
B.    Target Disk Mode
C.    Wi-Fi networking
D.    Ethernet networking
E.    Online Backup Services

Answer: CD

Debra has purchased a new MacBook Pro. She set the Mac up without transferring any of her personal data. A few days later she realized she needs the contents of her previous machine’s Users folder. How can she easily obtain the data from the older Macbook Air?

A.    Startup in OS X Recovery to open Migration Assistant.
B.    The customer will have to purchase Migration Assistant at the Mac App Store.
C.    Migration Assistant is stored in the Utilities folder and can be opened at any time.
D.    The customer should startup from OS X Recovery, then erase the disk and reinstall OS X Mountain Lion
to start over and transfer their data.

Answer: C

A customer uses her MacBook Air late at night and occasionally has to restart. Despite having muted the speaker volume, the MacBook Air always plays the startup chime loudly. What step should you try first to resolve this issue?

A.    Reset the SMC.
B.    Repair disk permissions.
C.    Reset the PRAM/NVRAM.
D.    Reinstall OS X Mountain Lion.

Answer: C

A technician suspects that an application’s preference file is causing the app to crash at launch. Which of the following techniques would be best to confirm the issue?

A.    Use a Time Machine backup to restore the entire User folder.
B.    Delete the application, reinstall it, then try launching it again.
C.    Startup from OS X Recovery, open Disk Utility and repair the startup disk.
D.    Use “Go to Folder…” or press the Option key to access the user library, move the suspected preference
file to the desktop and then try launching the application.

Answer: D

An administrator would like to prevent data recovery software from retrieving any files from a deleted user. Which option is the most efficient choice?

A.    Turn on FileVault 2, wait for encryption to finish, then delete the user.
B.    Save the deleted user in a disk image, then use the Terminal to secure delete the image.
C.    Delete the user using the “Delete the home folder” with the erase home folder securely option enabled.
D.    Startup in OS X Recovery then open the Disk Utility. Choose the startup volume and erase the entire
volume using a security option the writes zeros across the entire volume.

Answer: C

From the list below, choose two valid features of the Guest Account in OS X Mountain Lion. Select Two:

A.    It can be managed with Parental Controls.
B.    Is limited to local login only, and cannot access network shared folders.
C.    When a Guest User logs out, the Guest Account’s home folder is deleted.
D.    A password can be set for additional security when using a Guest account.
E.    Guest accounts appear automatically and cannot be disabled on 05 X Mountain Lion.

Answer: AC

Jim purchased an application from the Mac App Store with his iMac at home and would now like to use it while traveling with his MacBook Pro. How can he easily accomplish this goal?

A.    Use Back to My Mac screen sharing to use the app on the iMac.
B.    Open iTunes, click on “Purchased on the Mac App Store” in the Store section, then install the app.
C.    Sign in to his account in the Mac App Store, click Purchases, and then install the app.
D.    He must purchase the application again on the Mac App Store to install on the MacBook Pro.

Answer: C

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