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Dave has recently purchased a third party router, and now finds he can no longer host video chats. What section of the Messages Connection Doctor will allow him to detect if the router is configured correctly?

A.    Firewall
B.    Statistics
C.    Show Detail
D.    Network Status

Answer: D

Mark’s MacBook Air displays a gray screen and will not complete startup. What should you try first to resolve this issue?

A.    Single User
B.    Verbose mode
C.    TargetDiskMode
D.    Reset PRAM/NVRAM

Answer: D

Your customer states he can receive chats with Messages app on an iPad, but not on his iMac with OS X Mountain Lion installed. How can you help this customer receive chats with Messages?

A.    Select the iMessage check box in System Preferences > iCloud
B.    Help the customer download Messages from the Mac App Store.
C.    Delete Messages, then boot to OS X Recovery to reinstall OS X Mountain Lion.
D.    I Set Messages preferences for “You can be reached for messages at:” to the same email account
as the iPad.

Answer: D

Examine the image above. What could cause a Mac to display this prohibitory sign at startup?


A.    An incorrect build of OS X is installed on the hard disk or SSD.
B.    The memory is missing or not detected.
C.    Apple Hardware test is loading.
D.    EFI failed to load.

Answer: A

Mauri is having trouble printing to a printer attached to his iMac via USB. He suspects his USB cable. Which built-in utility in OS X Mountain Lion could tell him if the printer is detected by his iMac?

A.    Finder
B.    Console
C.    Directory Utility
D.    System Information

Answer: D

After installing software updates, Scott’s Mac mini stops responding during startup and will not show the login screen. What built-in startup mode might resolve this issue?

A.    Verbose
B.    Safe Boot
C.    Single User
D.    Target Disk Mode

Answer: B

A customer who has installed OS X Mountain Lion on his Mac would like to set up a Firmware Password. Where can he find the Firmware Password Utility?

A.    In the Utilities folder on their startup disk.
B.    In the Applications folder on their startup disk.
C.    In the Security & Privacy Systems Preference pane.
D.    In the Utilities menu when booted to OS X Recovery.

Answer: D

A customer would like to use target disk mode to transfer a large file from their Mac Pro using OSX Mountain Lion to a friend’s MacBook Pro using OS X Snow Leopard. The Mac Pro’s hard disk is encrypted using FileVault 2. Which technique is the best to quickly transfer the file?

A.    Place the Mac Pro with OS X Mountain Lion into target disk mode then transfer the file using
the Snow Leopard Finder.
B.    Place the MacBook Pro with Snow Leopard into target disk mode then transfer the file using
the OS X Mountain Lion Finder.
C.    Turn off encryption on the Mac Pro with OS X Mountain Lion, when de-encryption is finished
place it into target disk mode and transfer the file using the Snow Leopard Finder.
D.    Use live partitioning in the Disk Utility to create a non-encrypted volume on the Mac Pro.
Copy the file to that volume, then place the Mac Pro into target disk mode and transfer the file
using the Snow Leopard Finder.

Answer: B

Martin would like to keep his contacts, mail, and notes up to date between his Macs but would rather not use the Find my Mac or the Back to my Mac features of iCloud. How can he accomplish this goal using OS X Mountain Lion?

A.    Sign in at iCloud .com, click on Options then select only the desired features.
B.    Martin should use third party software since iCloud features cannot be customized.
C.    Martin should use System Preferences > iCloud then select only the desired features.
D.    After enabling iCloud, Back to my Mac and Find My Mac can be deselected in System Preferences sharing.

Answer: C

An administrator user wishes to share a Desktop picture with all local users. Where should she store the image file?

A.    /Library/Desktop Pictures
B.    /System/Desktop Pictures
C.    “/Library/Desktop Pictures
D.    /Syste rn/Li bra ry/Deskto p Pictures

Answer: A

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