2014 Latest Apple 9L0-314 Dump Free Download(31-40)!

QUESTION 31Which of the following is NOT a valid Bluetooth troubleshooting tip for Macs? A.    Check for signal interference.B.    Make sure Bluetooth is turned on.C.    Update Bluetooth software on the Mac.D.    Verify Bluetooth peripheral hardware batteries are charged.E.    Make sure…Continue Reading →

2014 Latest Apple 9L0-314 Dump Free Download(1-10)!

QUESTION 1Which THREE of the following items are appropriate to use for ESD prevention? SELECT THREE A.    Metal work surfaceB.    CRT discharge toolC.    Grounded work matD.    Wrist strap and cordE.    Wireless wrist strapF.    Static-shielding bags Answer: CDF QUESTION 2You are…Continue Reading →