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Vendor: HP
Exam Code: HP0-Y51
Exam Name: Building HP SDN and FlexNetwork Solutions

Refer to the exhibit. The switches shown in the exhibit use the HP VAN SDN Controller as the OpenFlow controller. They connect to the controller on their out-of-band management (OOBM) ports, but these connections are not shown in the exhibit. The switches also run spanning tree protocol. An SDN application installed on the HP VAN SDN Controller is programmed to discover live ports, find redundant paths, and create loopfree paths for traffic infrastructure shown in the exhibit. However the application is not able to complete these functions because the switches are reporting some ports as blocked.

What should the administrator do to let the application create the loopfree paths?

A.    Disable spanning tree on the OpenFlow-enabled switches and do not configure link aggregation.
B.    Enable spanning tree on the OpenFlow-enabled switches but set the application as the spanning tree flood parameter controller.
C.    Enable spanning tree on the OpenFlow-enabled switches and configure all of the redundant links as egress-only-ports
D.    Disable spanning tree on the OpenFlow-enabled switches and configure the redundant links as static link aggregations

Answer: D

A company has HP MultiService Mobility (MSM) APs that receive DHCP addresses on several different subnets. The APs are controlled by an MSM Controller. The company is considering replacing the MSM Controller with a Unified Wired-Wireless controller. The administrator runs a proof of concept test in which some of these APs are discovered and controlled by the Unified Wired-Wireless controller. Now the administrator wants to return the APs to being controlled by the MSM Controller.
The network administrator performs these actions:
– Ensures that the Colubris vendor-specific option in each AP subnet DHCP scope references the MSM Controller IP address Reboots the APs.
– The MSM Controller never succeeds in discovering the APs. A debug reveals that the APs are not contacting the controller at all.
Which action could fix this problem?

A.    Reset the APs to the factory default settings
B.    In each AP DHCP scope, delete the Colubris vendor-specific option
C.    Add a DNS host entry that maps hp example com to
D.    Upload MSM software to the HP Wired-Wireless controller flash.

Answer: A

A company has an HP Network Protector SDN Application with these characteristics:
– The Network Protector whitelist for all user VLANs includes site1.example.com.
– The blacklist for all user VLANs includes site1.example.com with a time range of 9:00 to 17:00.
– The Rep DV database includes site1 example.com with a reputation score of 90.
An endpoint attempts to browse to site1.example.com. How does Network Protector classify DNS requests for site1.example.com?

A.    It always flags the requests as threats.
B.    It flags the requests as threats between 17:00 and 9:00.
C.    It flags the requests as threats between 9:00 to 17:00.
D.    It never flags the requests as threats.

Answer: D

Table of Acronyms.

Which common data center requirement does an HP EVI solution meet?

A.    It enhances multi-data center solutions by extending Layer 2 connectivity across data centers connected at Layer 3.
B.    It provides network administrators with more control over and visibility into communications between virtual machines (VMs).
C.    It increases resilience and high availability within a data center transforming Layer 2 connections into a single fabric.
D.    It enhances security for communications between data centers by automatically establishing encrypted tunnels between sites.

Answer: A

Which OpenFlow use case is an example of Network Functions Virtualization (NFV)?

A.    Use OpenFlow to deploy configurations using IMC VAN SDN Manager.
B.    Use OpenFlow to implement a router on an open-vswitch.
C.    Use OpenFlow to replace the need of an snmp-agent on the switch.
D.    Use OpenFlow to implement traffic prioritization on the edge.

Answer: C

Table of Acronyms

Refer to the exhibit.

The switches shown in the exhibit form a TRILL region. What helps to load balance traffic across the .inks between these switches?

A.    The TRILL cost for each link is the same, and TRILL Equal Cost Multi-Path (ECMP) is enabled.
B.    VLANs 10, 20, and 30 are mapped to different spanning tree instances.
C.    The switch-to-switch links are configured to permit at least two VLANs.
D.    Switch 4 and Switch 5 are assigned the same Designated RBridge (DRB) priority.

Answer: A

How does the HP Optimizer SDN Application -Microsoft Lync enhance QoS for Microsoft Lync?

A.    The application registers as a packet listener for all IP packets in the HP VAN SDN Controller.
It creates reactive flows for all user traffic, including prioritized ones for UC&C traffic.
B.    The application pre-provisions several flows on all HP switches, which redirect all IP traffic to the HP VAN SDN Controller.
Each TCP session is then assigned the correct priority before it can be established.
C.    The application receives RESTful API calls from a plug-in to Lync.
It uses information obtained to create proactive prioritized flows for UC & traffic.
D.    The application registers as a packet listener for TCP 5060 in the HP VAN SDN Controller.
It uses packets received to create reactive prioritized flows for UC & C traffic.

Answer: A

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