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Which three of the following items are appropriate to use for ESD prevention? Select three.

A.    Metal work surface
B.    CRT discharge tool
C.    Grounded work mat
D.    Wrist strap and cord
E.    Wireless wrist strap
F.    Static shielding bags

Answer: CDF

Before you leave your bench to take a logic board to a storage place, you should put the board

A.    On top of ESD shielding bag
B.    Inside a ESD shielding bag
C.    Inside a card board box
D.    On a metal table

Answer: B

Which of the following can cause damage to an embedded battery from a MacBook Air 13″ Mid

A.    Handling by the edges
B.    Squeezing the cell packs
C.    Use both hands when removing the battery
D.    Tightening the battery screws only finger tight

Answer: B

You are removing the main battery from MacBook Pro 17″ Early 2009 model. Which of the
following is best practice when handling this.

A.    Hand the best with one hand, pressing between the soft
B.    Recover any puncture or tear into the soft mylar with copal
C.    Hand the best any way, it does not matter
D.    Hold the battery carefully by its edges only

Answer: D

Which safety issue applies to newer Apple portable models?

A.    Fragile bottom case
B.    High voltage display
C.    Heavy internal frame
D.    Soft battery enclosure
E.    Sharp logic board edges

Answer: D

What does Apple recommend you do before replacing or installing any internal parts in an Xserve?

A.    Remove all drive modules from the Xserve.
B.    Remove the Xserve from its rack.
C.    Press the System Identifier button.
D.    Unlock all drive module bays.

Answer: B

You should periodically _____ your ESD mats.

A.    clean
B.    replace
C.    turn over
D.    disconnect

Answer: A

You are replacing a logic board in a Mac Pro. You should handle the board by its _____.

A.    edges
B.    heat sinks
C.    connectors
D.    components

Answer: A

Which safety issue applies to the iMac (Mid 2010)?

A.    Liquid coolant spillage
B.    Thermal grease toxicity
C.    High voltage CRT discharge
D.    Fragile glass panel breakage

Answer: D

When discharging a CRT, what part do you touch with the tip of the discharge tool?

A.    Anode aperture
B.    High voltage cable
C.    Flyback transformer
D.    Yoke connector/cable

Answer: A

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