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What should be your first step when troubleshooting a network connection that uses a cable modem?

A.    Ping the proxy server.
B.    Ping the default gateway.
C.    Ping local devices using their DNS names.
D.    Ping local devices using their IP addresses.

Answer: D

Which of the following is generally a component of a BYOD policy?

A.    Scope of control
B.    Insurance on devices
C.    Maintenance provision
D.    Device replacement or upgrade

Answer: A

Which term describes a compact personal computer that relies on a touch screen for input, generally uses a solid-state drive instead of a traditional hard disk, and relies on wireless or mobile networks for connectivity?

A.    Tablet
B.    Laptop
C.    Netbook
D.    Portable media player

Answer: A

What does the following represent?

A.    A MAC address
B.    AnIPv4address
C.    An IPv6 address
D.    An IP diagnostic loopback address

Answer: C

A friend has called you about a possible computer problem because her computer is acting strangely. Sounds play unexpectedly, the monitor turns off suddenly, the hard-drive light flashes constantly, the computer sometimes reboots itself without warning. When you inspect your friend’s system, you notice that several ports are open. Which of the following is most likely the cause of these symptoms?

A.    The computer has been infected with a polymorphic virus.
B.    The computer is experiencing a denial-of-service attack.
C.    The computer has been infected with an illicit server.
D.    The computer has been infected by a worm.

Answer: C

The Windows Device Manager is a tool that enables you to perform a variety of tasks, including:

A.    Map to a printer.
B.    Ping anIPaddress.
C.    Defragment a hard drive.
D.    Change a resource assignment.

Answer: D

Which type of attack involves the installation of malicious code on personal computers or servers that redirects Internet traffic from a legitimate Web site to an identical-looking but malicious imposter Web site?

A.    Pharming
B.    Spoofing
C.    Phishing
D.    Replay

Answer: A

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