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A ProfiNET management system operator is unable to see diagnostic information for a Cisco Industrial Ethernet switch that has been added to a SIMATIC management station.
Based on the provided CLI output, which statement is correct?
switch# show profinet status
State : Enabled
Vlan : 201
Id : IE2000-Switch
Connected : Yes
ReductRatio : 128
GSD version : Mis-match

A.    The assigned ProfiNET VLAN is not valid and should be less than 100
B.    LLDP has been disabled on this switch
C.    The GSD file version on the switch does not match the GSD file version on the management station
D.    The Reduction Ration has been set too low

Answer: C

What can be done to increase the security in depth in an industrial zone?

A.    Add additional disk storage to the IDS server
B.    Add specific SCADA signatures to the IDS server
C.    Create a high availability solution for the IDS server
D.    Place a ‘data diode’ in front of the IDS server

Answer: B

Your supervisor calls you and tells you that one of the Stratix 5700 switches is not assigning all CIP explicit messages to the proper QoS queue. The switch was deployed with the ab-global macro and CIP explicit messages were previously being assigned to the proper QoS queue. You suspect the access-lists associated with the ab-global macro have been changed. Look at the following access list from the switch configuration:
access-list 101 permit udp any eq 2222 any dscp 55
access-list 102 permit udp any eq 2222 any dscp 47
access-list 103 permit udp any eq 2222 any dscp 43
access-list 104 permit udp any eq 2222 any
access-list 105 permit udp any eq 44818 any
access-list 105 permit tcp any eq 44816 any
What needs to be done to fix the above access list?

A.    Access list 105 should reference udp port 44816
B.    Access lists 101-104 should reference udp port 2212
C.    Access list 105 should reference tcp port 44818
D.    Access list 104 should be a deny access list rather than a permit access list

Answer: C

What should be done with unused conductors in copper unshielded or shielded twisted-pair network cables?

A.    terminate in their characteristic impedance
B.    trim back and properly insulate
C.    connect to protective earth
D.    splice to a used conductor

Answer: A

Cisco Industrial Ethernet switches are capable of sending alarm messages to ProfiNET management stations using the ProfiNET-IO protocol. Which four are alarms that can be configured for an interface? (Choose four)

A.    Port Not Forwarding
B.    Port Not Operating
C.    Port LLDP Disabled
D.    Port QoS Disabled
E.    Port Duplex Mismatch
F.    Port FCS Errors Exceeded Threshold
G.    Port CRC Errors Exceeded Threshold
H.    Port Link Fault

Answer: ABFH

Which five are characteristics that describe Cisco Industrial switches? (Choose five)

A.    Din rail mount
B.    19 inch rack mount
C.    Fanless
D.    Fans
E.    Swappable SD flash card
F.    Alarm relay
G.    -5篊 to 45篊 operating environment
H.    ProfiNET conformance class C compliance

Answer: ABCEF

Refer to the exhibit. The Robot Cell is in a bottling plant. This cell environment needs to consider high flex, EMI, and possible exposure to moisture. Which physical media components need to be considered to prevent network degradation or interruptions?

A.    Stranded, shielded wire with an industrial jacket and M12 connectors
B.    Solid, unshielded commercial jacket wire, and M12 connectors
C.    Stranded, unshielded wire with an industrial jacket, and commercial grade RJ45 connectors
D.    Solid, shielded wire with commercial grade jacket, and commercial grade RJ45 connectors

Answer: A

What percentage of an I/O connection would you set the RPI in order to ensure the application has the most current data?

A.    RPI at 50% of IO rate
B.    RPI at 25% of IO rate
C.    PI to 25% of PAC scan rate
D.    Set RPI to 50% of PAC scan rate

Answer: A

Refer to the exhibit. All of the vlans listed in the routing table below are trunked using 802.1q and are active on all switches. PLC1, PLC2, and PLC3 each has IP address and are connected to ports configured for vlan 50. L2SW1, L2SW2, and L2SW3 are not using vlan trunking for vlan 50.
L3SW1 has following routing table: is variably subnetted, 12 subnets, 2 masks
C is directly connected, Vlan307
C is directly connected, Vlan306
C is directly connected, Vlan398
C is directly connected, Vlan309
C is directly connected, Vlan308
C is directly connected, Vlan293
C is directly connected, Vlan399
C is directly connected, Vlan292
C is directly connected, Vlan295
C is directly connected, Vlan294
C is directly connected, Vlan291
C is directly connected, Vlan290
PLC1, PLC2, and PLC3 cannot be reconfigured.
What can be done to be able to simultaneously communicate with PLC1, PLC2, and PLC3?

A.    Enable NAT on L3SW1
B.    Enable NAT on L2SW1 ?L2SW3
C.    Enable NAT on L2SW4
D.    Add vlan 50 to L2SW4 and assign the administrator’s an IP address on network

Answer: B

Refer to the exhibit. Which two parameters can be used to diagnose an overloaded system? (Choose two)

A.    Ethernet Port 1 Speed
B.    Module Resource Allocation Actual Rate
C.    Class 3 Received bytes per second
D.    Media Counters Alignment Errors
E.    TCP Connections Active

Answer: BE



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