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Which process includes the responsibility of recovering the service as quickly as possible?

A.    Availability Management
B.    IT Service Continuity Management
C.    Incident management
D.    Problem Management

Answer: C

What is the definition of IT Service Management?

A.    An organization supping services to one or more customers
B.    Best practice guidance for operating services
C.    Requirements for delivering service based upon best practices
D.    Specialized organizational capabilities providing value to customers

Answer: D

Which process or function is responsible for supplying first-line support and assistance in daily use of IT services’?

A.    Availability Management
B.    Incident Management
C.    Service Desk
D.    Service Level Management

Answer: C

What are the key contents of an IT Service Management system?

A.    A documented organizational and operational structure
B.    A software system for the ticket
C.    A software system to monitor the key performance indicators (KPIs)
D.    Systematic processes for ticket recording and follow-up only

Answer: A

What is mandatory to define in the incident management procedures?

A.    The escalation of incidents
B.    The implementation of emergency changes
C.    The recording of deficiencies in the configuration management database (CMDB)
D.    The recording of problems

Answer: A

While planning for service improvements, what is an important best practice to consider?

A.    Service improvement targets should be measurable, linked to business objectives and documented in a plan.
B.    The progress of service improvement should be discussed at least weekly in the steering committee.
C.    The progress should be monitored closely by an independent project manager to maintain objectivity.
D.    The service improvement targets should not change until the target is reached, or else no consistency is maintained

Answer: A

What can be improved by achieving quality objectives?

A.    Effectiveness of the service
B.    Personal satisfaction of the Configuration Manager
C.    Relationship with interested suppliers
D.    Relationship with unauthorized patties

Answer: A

Staff should be trained in relevant aspects of Service Management. What information with respect to training should be maintained?

A.    A chronological training record for each individual
B.    A record of all future training courses for each employee
C.    An overview of all personal details per employee
D.    An overview of all possible training modules that match with competences

Answer: A
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