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A customer performs weekly full backups and daily incremental backups. A typical full backup is 5 TB. A full backup completes in 10 hours v incremental backup completes in 4 hours. Based on best practices, what is the minimum EMC Data Domain throughput required?

A.    292 – 333 GB/hr
B.    340 – 440 GB/hr
C.    585 – 666 GB/hr
D.    1170-1332 GB/hr

Answer: C

A customer is running the backup and recovery configuration shown in the exhibit. They added a new VMware cluster with 100 virtual machines. They are now experiencing slow backups at certain times. What should the customer have done prior to making changes to the configuration?

A.    Increase EMC NetWorker server memory
B.    Capture baseline performance of the backup environment
C.    Configure alert notification of the backup environment
D.    Add network cards to the EMC NetWorker server

Answer: A

An EMC Data Domain customer is planning to implement a replication solution in order to have their production environment protected at a remote site. The bandwidth for their SRDF replica is 40 Mbps which they are planning to share with the Data Domain replica.
Based on the exhibit and given an 8-hour replication window, which information will determine the bandwidth requirements?

A.    Post-Comp in the last 24 hours
B.    Pre-Comp in the last 7 days
C.    Currently used Post-Comp
D.    Post-Comp in the last 7 days

Answer: A

The EMC account team has been asked to design an EMC NetWorker backup solution for a VMware ESX environment with the following requirements:
1. Online backup of the Microsoft Exchange server running on a virtual machine
2. File-level backup and recovery for all virtual machines running Microsoft Windows.
Which backup solution addresses both requirements?

A.    vCenter backup
B.    Proxy backup
C.    Guest backup
D.    Image backup

Answer: B

An existing EMC Avamar customer wants to add a new file system client to their Avamar system. This is a moderately full Avamar single-node server running in steady state. What is the estimated time to backup this file server of 3 million files?

A.    Less than 1 hour
B.    1-2 hours
C.    3-4 hours
D.    5-6 hours

Answer: C

What is a key consideration when assessing a nested mount file system and an NDMP Volume Based Backup (VBB) backup strategy?

A.    Multithreaded PAX format for enhanced backup performance is supported
B.    Directory Direct Access Recovery (DDAR) for fast recovery is supported
C.    Selectively backing up a subset of the file system is unsupported
D.    Individual file recovery without the destructive restore flag is unsupported

Answer: C

A customer has a Data Domain appliance that has reached 90% of maximum capacity. The customer does not want to purchase any additional storage. What will increase the average available capacity of the Data Domain appliance?

A.    Decrease the backup retention period
B.    Increase the snapshot expiration period
C.    Increase the number of streams
D.    Decrease the cleaning frequency

Answer: A

A customer has twofiles that have been locked and backed up to Data Domain appliance with the following parameters:
•File1=atime=20 years
•File1=atime=5 years
The Data Domain global retention periods are configured as follows:
•Min=2 years
•Max=10 years
The administrator changes the Data Domain maximum retention period to 4 years. After how many years can File 2 be deleted?

A.    2
B.    4
C.    5
D.    10

Answer: C

During final design conversations with an EMC Avamar customer, they indicate that they have certain data that needs to be carefully secured during transit. This data is typically transferred at different times and in different groups. Which type of encryption would address the customer’s concern?

A.    Blowfish encryption enabled at the group policy level
B.    AES-256 encryption automatically enabled for all backups
C.    AES-256 encryption set at the time of the backup operation
D.    AES-128 encryption set at the time of server installation

Answer: C
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An existing EMC NetWorker customer has been backing up their VMware environment using VMDKs to a CIFS-attached EMC Data Domain system. Recently, they have added another 80 TB to their primary VM storage. While their deduplication rates have exceeded expectations, they are starting to overrun their backup window. Which solution compliments their existing infrastructure?

A.    Introduce a VTL configuration to the Data Domain system and transfer data over Fibre Channel
B.    Add additional NetWorker storage nodes into the backup environment
C.    Switch the NetWorker VMDK configuration to a NetWorker guest client configuration
D.    Use Change Block Tracking on the VMware side and introduce DD Boost into the NetWorker and Data Domain configuration

Answer: B
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