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Which statement is true regarding renditions?

A.    A document may have more than one rendition with the same file format.
B.    Renditions may only be added by Documentum Transformation Services (DTS).
C.    Different renditions of the same document’s content can have different ACLs applied to them.
D.    Different renditions of the same document’s content can appear in different folders in the repository.

Answer: A

Refer to the exhibit. According to the version tree, which version number represents the first node of the branch?
A.    1.0
B.    1.2

Answer: C

Which situation could cause a Check Out to fail using Webtop?

A.    The user does not own the document.
B.    The document is locked by another user.
C.    The user has only VERSION permission on the document.
D.    The document does not have CHANGE STATE extended permission.

Answer: B

Which statement is true about the ability to drag and drop objects from within Webtop to the user’s local desktop?

A.    The feature is enabled for all users by default.
B.    The browser’s security level must be set to Medium.
C.    The feature must be enabled in the user’s Preferences.
D.    The feature is only available through the clipboard.

Answer: C

Where in Webtop can the default format type for viewing be set?

A.    Properties
B.    Tools menu
C.    Preferences
D.    Advanced Search

Answer: C

What is required to enable editing of a document that is stored in the repository?

A.    The document must be checked out.
B.    The document must be the current version.
C.    The document must not have any renditions.
D.    The document cannot be part of a virtual document.

Answer: A

Which statement is true regarding renditions?

A.    Each version of a document can have only one rendition in each file format.
B.    Renditions are copied to the new version when versioning a document.
C.    Each version of a document may have a different number of renditions.
D.    Renditions of a document may be edited by any user with WRITE permission on the document.

Answer: C

What can provide quick access to frequently referenced objects?

A.    alias set
B.    subscription
C.    replica object
D.    relation object

Answer: B

Which attribute is among those that Webtop simple search runs against when full-text indexing is not enabled?

A.    title
B.    authors
C.    keywords
D.    description

Answer: A

When can the content of an object be searched?

A.    after the object is indexed
B.    after a rendition is created
C.    after keywords are applied
D.    after the object is checked in

Answer: A

Which statement is true regarding Webtop Advanced Search?

A.    Only custom object types can be searched.
B.    Search locations may be selected in multiple repositories.
C.    In the Result list, documents owned by the user will be listed first.
D.    It can only be used by a System Administrator or a member of the Admin group.

Answer: B

What must be done prior to configuring a custom search tab in TaskSpace?

A.    Create a search template using Forms Builder.
B.    Create a saved search using Webtop.
C.    Create a dm_query object using Documentum Administrator.
D.    Create a search template using Webtop.

Answer: A

By default, which search configuration does Webtop Advanced Search allow?

A.    file size
B.    intranets
C.    public websites
D.    specified database

Answer: A
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