2014 Latest Oracle 1Z0-042 Exam Dump Free Download!

QUESTION 1Which is the correct description of the significance of the ORACLE_HOME environmental variable? A.    It specifies the directory containing the Oracle software.B.    It specifies the directory containing the Oracle-Managed Files.C.    It specifies the directory for database files, if not…Continue Reading →

2014 Latest Oracle 1Z0-140 Exam Dump Free Download!

QUESTION 1The Oracle Application Server is installed on your machine. In Forms Builder, you open the HResource form and connect to the HR database. You also edit your Forms Builder run-time preferences and click Set Default. To test the HResource…Continue Reading →

2014 Latest Oracle 1Z0-117 Exam Dump Free Download!

QUESTION 1You instance has these parameter settings: Which three statements are true about these settings if no hints are used in a SQL statement? A.    A statement estimated for more than 10 seconds always has its degree of parallelism computed automatically.B.   …Continue Reading →

2014 Latest Oracle 1Z0-108 Exam Dump Free Download!

QUESTION 1Requirement demands that an incoming request from a portfolio manager has to have a higher priority compared to other users of the application. As an administrator, which one of the following approaches would you adopt?A.    Use Work Manager with…Continue Reading →

2014 Latest Oracle 1Z0-102 Exam Dump Free Download!

QUESTION 1Which two statements are true about java EE shared libraries? A.    A shared library cannot bedeployed to a cluster.B.    An application that is targeted to server1 can use a shared library that is targeted to server 2.C.    Multiple versions…Continue Reading →

2014 Latest Oracle 1Z0-100 Exam Dump Free Download!

QUESTION 1Which two statements are true concerning the installation and configuration of the bootloader by the Anaconda installer, which is then used to boot Oracle Linux?A.    The Linux Loader (LILO) bootloader may be chosen for installation.B.    The bootloader must be…Continue Reading →

2014 Latest Juniper JN0-332 Exam Dump Free Download!

QUESTION 1Which configuration keyword ensures that all in-progress sessions are re-evaluated upon committing a security policy change? A.    policy-rematchB.    policy-evaluateC.    rematch-policyD.    evaluate-policy Answer: A

2014 Latest Juniper JN0-314 Exam Dump Free Download!

QUESTION 1On a MAG Series device, where is the preauthentication sign-in message configured? A.    On the configuration page for the sign-in notification messageB.    On the wireless user realm authentication policyC.    On the sign-in policy of the URL being used by…Continue Reading →

2014 Latest Juniper JN0-311 Exam Dump Free Download!

QUESTION 1Which two configurations are made using the QoS Setup Wizard? (Choose two.) A.    Assign applications to traffic classes.B.    Use ToS/DSCP values for traffic classes.C.    Exclude subnets from QoS management.D.    Select dedicated vs. over-subscribed circuits. Answer: AD

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QUESTION 1An administrator is tasked with installing an application patch on a virtual server. The administrator needs the ability to restore the server to its previous state quickly if the patch corrupts the system. Which of the following should the…Continue Reading →

2014 Latest CompTIA JK0-019 Exam Dump Free Download!

QUESTION 1Sandy, the network administrator, has funding to do a major upgrade of the company’s LAN. This upgrade is currently in the planning stage, and Sandy still needs to determine the network requirements, bottlenecks, and any future upgrades in mind….Continue Reading →

2014 Latest CompTIA JK0-018 Exam Dump Free Download!

QUESTION 1Which of the following devices is BEST suited for servers that need to store private keys? A.    Hardware security moduleB.    Hardened network firewallC.    Solid state disk driveD.    Hardened host firewall Answer: A

2014 Latest CompTIA JK0-017 Exam Dump Free Download!

QUESTION 1Which of the following would be the benefit of saving a project binder in a centralized location? A.    Provides an opportunity for another project manager to review the binder and make corrections.B.    Provides an opportunity for team members to…Continue Reading →

2014 Latest CompTIA JK0-016 Exam Dump Free Download!

QUESTION 1In the OSI model, which of the following layers would be the cause of a session time-out while browsing the web? A.    Layer 2B.    Layer 3C.    Layer 5D.    Layer 7 Answer: C

2014 Latest CompTIA ISS-001 Exam Dump Free Download!

QUESTION 1The Intel® Server Board S5520UR has two different headers through which front panel signals can be routed. Which of the following documents would a server technician use to identify the pin- out of each header? A.    The Technical Product…Continue Reading →

2014 Latest Oracle 1Z0-033 Exam Dump Free Download!

QUESTION 1Which statements are true regarding configuring multiple buffer pools in the Database Buffer Cache that is using only the standard block size? (Choose all that apply.)A.    Both the KEEP and RECYCLE pools must be configured.B.    The RECYCLE pool needs…Continue Reading →

2014 Latest Oracle 1Z0-032 Exam Dump Free Download!

QUESTION 1 Users in your development database complain that they are getting the following error while trying to execute a query on the SALES_HISTORY table: ERROR at line 1: ORA-00942: table or view does not exist While investigating the reason,…Continue Reading →

2014 Latest Vmware VCP510PSE Exam Dump Free Download!

QUESTION 1 Click the Exhibit button. An administrator has deployed a new virtual machine on an ESXi 5.x host. Users are complaining of poor performance on the application running on the virtual machine. Performance tools display the results shown in…Continue Reading →